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How to compile ScummVM with latest MinGW32CE and SDL

So, obviously you came here to give your CPU(s) and HDD(s) something to do for the next few hours (and don’t forget all the gigabytes for all the sources) 🙂


In the following I assume you have created a directory in your homedir where all of the sources will be located. If not, do the following:

mkdir ~/wmports && cd ~/wmports

Additionally, you should download some scripts and put them into your path to make “configure” and “make” easier with the MinGW32CE toolchain.

mkdir scripts && cd scripts
wget http://pocketinsanity.org/patches/scripts/cross-configure-mingw32ce.sh
wget http://pocketinsanity.org/patches/scripts/cross-make-mingw32ce.sh
chmod +x *.sh && export PATH=$PATH:~/wmports/scripts

The parts with light-blue background have to be executed as your normal user, where the parts with light-red background have to be executed as root (invoked with “su”, NOT “su -“ to prevent switching to the root homedir and environment)

Please note:

  • For compiling under Cygwin, you NEED to omit all lines with “su” or “exit”
  • This may have to be “sudo bash” in some OSes or distros which do not allow root login by default (Mac OSX or Ubuntu for example).

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